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Little bit of everything here, smokless locomotives, easily parked cars, initiation devices and help for civilized, unequipped women with childbirth all presented for your enlightenment.

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"Shampooing Apps."

Patented by M. L. Winn

Dec. 12, 1871

The salubrious effect of shampooing is complicated to a great extent in the case of long and thick hair, which, by retaining the moisture for a long time, causes great inconvenience, or becomes sour and musty if dressed before thouroughly dried, a reason why ladies object to having their heads shampooed.

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"Smoke Consuming Locomotive"

Patented by F. C. McNally

Dec. 25, 1894

This invention relates to locomotives which consume their own products of combustion, (called sometimes "smokeless locomotives" of that type which are provided with a revolving fan blower for creating a forced draft and returning the smoke and cinders from the smoke box to the fire box.

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"Electric Extraction Of Poisons"

Patented by J.B. Campbell

July 5, 1898

For vegetable poisons I employ a vegetable receiver instead of a mineral or copper one, and for animal poisons I use an animal receiver such as raw meat. The application of the different receivers is made to the negative electrode, and the positive electrode is applied to any suitable part of the body. When the current is turned on, it will run down from the neck or other suitable place through the patients body and will pull or draw out the poison at the negative pole and deposit it on the copper plate. From six to eight treatments of half an hour each in duration will generally extract all of the poisons.

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"Initiating Device"

Patented by E. & U. S. De Moulin

July 31, 1900

This invention relates to devices employed in initiating applicants for menbership in secret organizations, and it has for its objective to provide a device of this class which is known as a spanking-machine, the construction being such that the applicant will be struck with a paddle and at the same time will be given an electric shock, the mechanism being thrown into operation by the applicant himself.

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"Automobile Parking"

Patented by L. Pelton

Aug. 3, 1926

Designed so that when it is desired to park it, the operator may readily and easily elevate its front end and raise it to a vertical position where it will be supported upon an especially constructed supporting platform, which normally stands in an upright position at the rear of the automobile, and which is provided with caster wheels so that when the automobile is thus parked in an upright position, it may be readily and easily moved, and whereby a large number of said automobiles may be parked or stored in a relatively small area.

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"Cigarette Ring"

Patented by W. P. Aull

Mar. 1, 1938

This invention relates to cigarette rings for holding cigarettes in connection with a finger of the left hand in a position to be conveniently brought into contact with the lips of the smoker.

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"Apparatus For Facilitating The Birth Of A Child By Centrifugal Force"

Patented by G. B. Blonsky et al

Nov. 9, 1965

In the case of a woman who has a fully developed muscular system and has had ample physical exertion all through the pregnancy, as is common with all more primitive peoples, nature provides all the necessary equipment and power to have a normal and quick delivery. This is not the case, however, with more civilized women who often do not have the opportunity to develop the muscles needed in confinement.

It is the primary purpose of the present invention to provide an apparatus which will assist the under-equipped woman.

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