Mouse Trap Patents

For years man has been on the quest for a better mouse trap, some even "bell the rat rather than the cat".

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"Cage Trap"

Patented by W. K. Bachman

Sept. 27, 1870

The mouse enters the outer or forward compartment through the open doorway, and seeing the light entering the other end he goes in without fear. Finding access to the bait obstructed by the grating H, he soon finds the cords G, and following his natural instincts gnaws off said cord, which releases the lever D, causing the weighted door to drop, and securely caging him.

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"Rat & Mouse Trap"

Patented by T. P. Wise

Sept. 8, 1885

After the rat is caught in the first compartment, he cannot escape therefrom, he will therefore direct his attention to the opening d, which appears to be a method of escape. He will leap and striking the glass pane he will be precipitated down upon the tilting drops, and thence fall into the tub.

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"Mouse Trap"

Patented by A. W. Ager

Jan. 16, 1900

My invention relates to an improvement in mouse-traps, and has for its objective means for trapping small animals such as mice, rats and the like.

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"Combined Grocer's Package, Grater, Slicer, and Mouse and Fly Trap"

Patented by R. M. Gardiner

July 6, 1897

Merchandise such as coffee, baking powder, etc will be first placed in paper bags to correspond to the cylindrical shape of the box, and after the contents are exhausted then the box can be used for a grater, slicer, mouse-trap, or fly trap as desired, thus utilizing the great waste of such grocers' boxes as are thrown away after the contents are removed.

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"Device Employed For Exterminating Rats, Mice, and Other Animals"

Patented by J. Barad & E. E. Markoff

Mar. 31, 1908

When he nibbles or touches the bait the previously set tripping means and the annular spring band or collar having one or more bells attached to it will be released simultaneously, instantly contracting around the rat's neck. The "Bell Rat" as it may be termed then announces his coming to the colony thereby frightening the other rats and causing them to flee, thus practically exterminating them in a sure and economical manner.

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"Mouse Trap"

Patented by J. T. McArdle

Aug. 10, 1915

More particularly my invention aims to provide a trap that can be mailed flat in an envelope and which can be quickly attached to a shelf or other support. The possibility of a flat envelope pack is of great importance as it makes possible the sending of the trap together with literature as is so greatly desired in those States in which campaigns have been started to decrease the number of cats as a means of protecting the bird community.

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"Animal Trap"

Patented by C. W. Coghill

Feb. 22, 1927

Among the objects of my invention is the provision of a trap attachment for Mason Jars. Especially it is my object to so construct the trap attachment that escape of the mouse is impossible and so that the mouse when making efforts to escape will be perplexed at finding escape to be impossible when it appears to be so easy.

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