Flight Patents

Man has forever envied the birds, in some cases even tried to imitate them both in appearance and actions in an endeavor to soar the heavens.

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Patented by A. Mateo

June 28, 1930

The invention proposes an aeroplane body simulating a roosterand having a pair of pivoted wings, a motor driven traction propeller mounted on the front of said body, each of the said wings being composed of inner and outer sections telescopically and slidably arranged in edge contacting relation, and a means for raising and lowering said wings constituting flapping.

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"Flying Apparatus"

Patented by W. F. Quinby

Oct.8, 1872

This invention relates to a new apparatus for enabling men to fly with the use of side and dorsal wings which are connected with the extremities for operation. The chief object of the present invention is to support the flying apparatus entirely on the trunk of the operator, and remove all weight from the arms and legs, so that they will be free to give their entire strength to the operation.

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"Flying Machine"

Patented by R. J. Spalding

Mar.5, 1889

My invention relates to a machine for navigating the air, and has for its object to provide a simple, comparatively inexpensive, easily-operative, and efficient apparatus of this character.

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Patented by M.Rozboril & P. Bursky

Jan. 3, 1911

Our invention relates to improvements in air ships, and the leading object of our invention is the provision of an improved dirigible.

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"Hovering Flight Aeroplane System"

Patented by J. McCurry

May 2, 1916

What I seek to do is to provide an aeroplane system comprising of a platform for supporting passengers, this platform being suspended from aeroplanes flying in the air and having such movement relatively to each other and to the earth as to enable the platform to hover in the air.

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"Vertical Take-off Flying Platform"

Patented by A.C. Robertson et al

Sept. 20, 1960

In the invention, additional or augmented lift and propulsion is obtained through use of a smoothly out-wardly flared air foil shaped inlet duct portion forming a functional intregal part of the propeller housing.

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"Aircraft With Discoid Sustaining Airfoil"

Patened by C. P. Lent

May15, 1962

The flying saucer described in this invention is not a thing in the realm of phantasy but a very practical aircraft obeying approved aerodynamic principles.

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