Exercise Patents

We put our bodies through a lot to stay in shape, new and improved methods are being developed all the time, not just for people either, there is equipment so birds and dogs can exercise to keep fit as well.

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"Massage Apparatus"

Patented by L. W. G. Flynt

Mar.14, 1916

Mechanical massage heretofore has been impracticable for the reason that where a tool has been used, it was almost impossible for the user to apply the tool to all parts of the body. This I accomplish mechanically by constructing a tool adapted to surround the body of the user.

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"Spring Lift For Stoopers"

Patented by E. S. Williamson

Mar. 14, 1920

This invention relates to a spring lift or balance device which when worn by laborers and other persons whose work necessitates their repeated bending over or stooping, will relieve the strain on the muscles.

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"Exercising Device"

Patented by C. G. Purdy

Aug. 28, 1923

It is well known that modern methods of preparing food usually result in a cooked food requiring little or no mastication. The use of such foods results in decayed teeth, underdeveloped jaws, and various other complications due solely to the lack of exercise attendant on proper mastication.

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"Exercise Apparatus"

Patented by E. H. Odell

July 23, 1929

In fact, by using my device in conjunction with the performance of a systematic course of exercises, I find that an adipose person may harden his muscles and reduce considerably in weight in a surprisingly short period of time.

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"Physical Exerciser"

Patented by T. F. Kelley

July 8, 1958

It is a further object to produce a device that can be used in conjunction with doing other time-consuming things, as carrying on a conversation, listening to the radio, looking at a television program, and so forth.

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"Dog Exercising Device"

Patented by J. R. Richards

April 25, 1939

An important object of my invention is the provision of an exercising device of the treadmill type, upon which a dog may be positioned, and into which he may be comfortably and conveniently strapped in such a manner that he may walk, run or exercise at practically any speed according to his own desire and without compulsion, preliminary training or instruction, and in which he may sit down, lay down or otherwise rest between intervals of actual exercise.

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"Parakeet Exercise Perch"

Patented by N. A. Winton et al

Oct. 8, 1957

It is common knowledge that birds of all types, including parakeets become accustomed to a new environment more readily when they are relaxed. We have found that the parakeet exercise perch described herein assists a parakeet to completely relax himself.

A further object of the present invention is to provide an exercising perch on which a parakeet can perform acrobatics for the entertainment of the household possessing said parakeet.

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